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Avonflow have passed the GRS Global Recycling Standard certification

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  In order to ensure the production process of electric towel rack environmental protection, Avonflow have passed the GRS Global Recycling Standard certification.

  After passing the FSC International Forest System Management Certification and obtaining the FSC-COC Industrial Chain of custody certification, Avonflow has recently passed the GRS global recycling standard certification, which guarantees the green protection of electric towel rack products and takes another huge step on the road of sustainable development.



  The GRS (Global Recycled Standard) is a set of comprehensive evaluation standards for recycled products. It includes the verification of recycled ingredients in products, traceability of recycled materials in the supply chain, quality control of the recycled product production process, corporate social responsibility, environmental management, and prohibition of chemicals, etc.

  Starting with the recycling phase, each production phase must be certified and ultimately end with the final seller in a business-to-business transaction. In short, since the content of GRS products cannot be tested in the finished product, material collection and material concentration sites are initiated at the initial recovery stage through self-declaration, documentation collection and site visits. All the following steps are followed up through certification and traceability.

  The GRS certification means that the materials used in Avonflow electric towel racks can be recycled through the compliance process, thus reducing the waste of natural environmental resources; It shows that the environmental management level and technical capability of Avonflow have been recognized internationally again, and the environmental protection competitive advantage of Avonflow products is more prominent, which further enhances the credibility and brand influence of the products.

  This is due to Avonflow's continuous investment and technology accumulation in the field of electric towel rack over the years, which is the result of Avonflow's long-term focus on improving research and development ability and independent innovation ability. Avonflow adheres to the concept of green development, from product design and development, to manufacturing, to packaging and transportation, innovation and upgrading of every link, is promoting and practicing the social responsibility of sustainable development.

  In terms of production and manufacturing, Avonflow selects green raw materials, processes, technologies and equipment to continuously improve production efficiency and resource utilization. At the same time, adhere to the implementation of carbon disclosure, promote the green transformation of factories, walk in the forefront of energy conservation and emission reduction. In the aspect of product research and development, Avonflow focuses on the research and development of products with more low carbon performance and environmental protection, in order to meet consumers' constantly upgrading health and environmental consumption concept. In terms of product packaging, Avonflow uses FSC forest certified paper materials to minimize the impact on the environment.

  In the next step, Avonflow will take the construction of standard system as the guarantee, accelerate the improvement of green and low-carbon cycle development system, build a well-known domestic green enterprise of electric towel rack, continue to lead the high-quality development of the industry, and contribute to the sustainable development of green and healthy ecological environment and human society.

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