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AVONFLOW Appears at the 132nd Online Canton Fair

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AVONFLOW Appears at the 132nd Online Canton Fair

“Canton Fair Global Share”.
On October 15, the 132nd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) opened online as scheduled. More than 35,000 domestic and overseas enterprises and more than 3.06 million exhibits appeared on the cloud, attracting buyers from more than 220 countries and regions to view the exhibition online. The Canton Fair officially opened online at 9 am. Many quality enterprises with both strength and characteristics have begun to show the new story of China to the world. As the "Old Guangzhou" exhibition every year, for "screen to screen" exchange merchants, AVONFLOW is adept: through live explanation, to the global customers a full range of electric towel rack features and advantages; Through the VR exhibition hall, you can walk into the manufacturing base of more than 300,000 square meters, so that global customers can feel the manufacturing strength of the enterprise more directly. Through online negotiation, constantly explore new customers, new orders, expand domestic and foreign markets.

Since 2005, Avonflow has been focusing on the research and development and innovation in the field of electric towel rack, and constantly expanding its research and development strength and technological capability. From the initial introduction of the world's leading production technology and equipment, to now complete the transformation and upgrading of digital and intelligent factories with independent innovation technology, Avonflow has been at the forefront of the industry.
Behind the continuous upgrading of manufacturing strength, is the embodiment of Avonflow electric towel rack products up, brand up, level up. By actively promoting the digital transformation of enterprises, focusing on the construction of intelligent unmanned production workshop with electric towel rack, and promoting the deep integration of big data, Internet, artificial intelligence and business process, Avonflow continues to build fine production control capabilities that match the corporate strategy, providing new driving force for the innovation and development of enterprises.

Scientific and technological innovation, quality based. No matter how innovative technology changes, Avonflow's high standards for product quality remain unchanged. From product research and development, to production process, from electric towel rack production, to product quality testing, Avonflow has established strict quality management system, casting high quality with professional strength. Avonflow’s products have also obtained European CE certification, German GS safety certification, French standard NF certification, German KEYMARK certification, German A grade energy efficiency rating, the Netherlands KIWA and other international authoritative product certification, sales footprint has spread to more than 60 countries and regions around the world. With ceaseless steps and innovation, Avonflow's new story on the road of intelligent manufacturing will continue.

With strong R & D design ability, stable production and supply ability and fast quality service ability, Avonflow has maintained long-term good cooperative relations with many well-known European building materials retailers, wholesalers and sanitary brands. Such as Kingfisher, Travis Perkins, Wolseley, OBI Group and so on. With the promotion of the 132nd Canton Fair, it is believed that the cooperation list of Avonflow will add more new members.

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